Presenting Simple Suomi flashcards

As mentioned previously, I’ve made various half-hearted attempts to learn Finnish (or Suomi) by studying grammar from a book. That approach, while mildly beneficial (I can understand basic word structures and some linguistic concepts), has still left me quite unable to express myself in Finnish – I simply lack the vocabulary to actually say anything.

Some friends suggested an alternate approach. Supplement the grammatical studies, with a brute force “simply memorize every word you can” method, be unafraid to make mistakes, just stumble through sentences and trust that over time, I’ll get better. Ironically, that is an approach I had already taken to learn some Spanish years ago 😛

So, with that idea in mind, and coinciding with my attempts to brush up on some front-end web developer code, I decided to put together a simple website to help as a memory tool.

Ladies, gentlemen, and for those of you not seated on a cushion, I present to you: Simple Suomi (easy Finnish flashcards)


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