The challenge that is the Finnish language

So, recently I had some friends (French, Australian), teasing me about “Why don’t you know any Finnish yet? Just stop being lazy, and learn some.”

They are correct.

However, in my defense… seriously, what the hell? In a whatsapp chat with some friends, as they chatted back and forth and I completely failed to understand anything, I turned to Google Translate, my trusty translating tool, to make sense of the conversation.

First attempt: “I think that is a good thing for a woman who has nothing to do with money”

Now, in the general context of the conversation at the time, I thought “that doesn’t seem relevant… Oh, I’ve mistakenly missed ONE SINGLE letter during my copy-translate attempt. Let me try again.”

Second attempt (all text copied): “Essillekki tells the story of the chicken that has nothing to do with money in the clouds.”

Okay, wow. That got weird quickly. Interestingly, that is ALL the text copied… so in theory should be the best translation?

Now, for sheer shits and giggles, I wondered what would happen if I intentionally missed TWO letters during my copy-translate?

Third attempt: “The shadow of a cynic is that there is zero money in the clouds”.

Oh yeah… this is going to be easy.


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